Our chapter has various tools in our storage unit at GTU, including an engine hoist, aircraft scales, metal brake, metal shear, bandsaw, and many others. We can loan out tools to our paid members.

In addition, you will need to provide a deposit. Deposit is cash or checks only, and is $30 per tool unless otherwise noted. Tools are free to use, unless otherwise noted.

Please check with Gary Hamilton to arrange pickup. See roster.

Tools available [updated 5/23/24]:  


This monster has no instructions, but it has several types of saw blades and is ready to use. Don't get your fingers in the blade!!

Metal brake, 48" wide and Metal Shear, 30.5" wide

This 48" metal brake is sitting on top of the metal shear, which accepts sheet up to 30.5" wide and is operated by a foot treadle. The brake should be anchored to your work bench so it has a solid connection. The brake is activated with two handles, which can be unscrewed for storage.  [The old metal brake was bad and was retired in 2020.]

Pocket Thermometer 

Coverite pocket thermometer [used to calibrate your iron for fabric ironing & shrinking.]

Tubing Bender size 4, 6, 8


Hole Punches 

Hole Punches for Panels and Firewalls

Fabric Tester

Cable Cutter

Brake Rivet Set 


Hand Rivet Squeezer

Nicopress Tool

Tap and Die Set

Magneto Synchronizer 

Cable Tension Gauge

Hydraulic Wire Crimper ($50 deposit)

Pneumatic Rivet Squeezer ($100 dep.) 


Cylinder Pressure Tester 

Piston Ring Squeezer 

Digital Tach 


Engine Hoist ($100 deposit)



Digital Scales ($100 deposit, $25 fee)