Hello Chapter Members and Aviation Friends,

Last week, my husband, Rob, and our third son had a chance to go help our second son and his family in Alaska to build a good-sized shed in their wide-open property. Spring days start at about 4:00am and the sun sort of sets at 11:00pm, so over a 14-hour day, labor caught up with him, including a sunburn. The weather cooperated well and they almost finished the project in less than four days. He must have gained his confidence from building a plane...

Our 11th grand child was born in Salt Lake City, Utah yesterday morning and we are all excited. It was a beautiful girl and she has two older brothers. As I babysit these boys, the almost two- year-old younger brother surprises me when he hears airplanes and helicopters way before any one can hear them. We are in the outskirts of SLC International Airport and another general aviation airport nearby. When you are so focused on one thing, you can pick up any hints of what you are looking for.

As we get ready to fly, spending enough time for flight planning and preflight is very essential to sharpen our antennas, so to speak. Because of technology advancement, sometimes our preparation isn’t thorough enough to secure our safety, and some fly totally dependent on the EFIS data. We should be aware that the information that comes in is a bit delayed and is not the current situation. As I look at this not yet two-year-old boy and his antenna so finely in tune with what he is looking for, I see that faithfully sticking to the fundamental safety precautions will sharpen our skills even more.

We will celebrate International Young Eagles Day on Saturday, June 11th at 9:00am at Georgetown Municipal Airport. Normally this second Saturday of the month is scheduled for our regular Chapter meeting, but because of the Young Eagles Rally we will postpone our monthly meeting to June 18th. Please check the details on the frontpage. For this YE rally, we will need as many pilots as we could because of the many participants we are expecting. Please volunteer for flying or ground to make this a successful Chapter event. We are also asking those who have built airplanes to volunteer your time as advocates and mentors of the High School students who are interested in aviation and will start building RV-12 light sport aircraft as an EAA Eagles Nest Project. This will start in September. If you can put some hours weekly or daily at certain time or jump in when you have time, please contact Dan Weyant for the details.

Our chapter meeting will be on the third Saturday, June 18th at 10:00am at the GTU terminal building. We will have an exciting presentation by Steve Ankerstar, a retired Air Force pilot who flew the F-15C Eagle and F-117, who will share his flying experience in the Middle East conflict.

Thank you for your support and dedication to the General Aviation advancement!

Haruko Reese
EAA Chapter 187 President