Hello Chapter Members and Aviation Friends,

As Jack Pelton, EAA Chairman and the new CEO announced in the EAA Chapter Video magazine in our February Meeting, we will go through Youth training for the three areas. This is for the protection of the youth who are involved in EAA’s Youth programs and also the EAA members who volunteer their time and energy.

The three areas are:

  1. Young Eagles Flights and Activities
  2. Youth Education Programs including Aircraft building projects, and
  3. Youth Activities at AirVenture Oshkosh.

Since the Youth Protection Policy was introduced this year, they made some changes to make it a bit more user friendly. This is the quote from Jack Pelton’s message:

  • Removing what many thought was an overly burdensome photography policy. There are now simple guidelines to work with parents when taking photos.
  • No requirement to provide a Social Security Number when completing the background check (it is optional).
  • Simplified requirements for ground volunteers at Young Eagles rallies, to require only two-deep leadership that has completed the training and background checks.
  • Elimination of the staff-to-youth ratio for Young Eagles rallies.
  • Clarification on topics such as supervision in an aircraft, individual Young Eagles flights, and record keeping.

My husband, Rob and I, have worked in the Boy Scouts of America as scout leaders and the merit badge counselors for many years and know that a large portion of BSA funds is used to cover child abuse-related law suits. Volunteering in the youth activities is a great opportunity and we would like to keep the volunteers safe along with the youth we are taking care of and also be compliant so that the EAA Insurance can cover the events.

Those who are willing to help the youth in those three categories mentioned above, please review the brief guidance sheet regarding the Youth Protection Policy and Young Eagles Activities. For the latest updates, go to http://www.EAA.org/youthprotection.

The April Meeting is designated to be all about the Young Eagles program, its policy, EAA insurance coverage, information for the pilots, organizers and the parents of youth. Bring all the questions to the meeting and we hope more and more members will volunteer in the future Young Eagles Rallies our chapter sponsors. Enjoy the beautiful weather and be careful when flying!

Haruko Reese
EAA Chapter 187 President