Hello EAA Chapter 187 Members and Aviation Friends,

Rob and I had to postpone our RV-12 annual from March to September this year because of the painting, but both, painting and annual are completed now and we are happy to inform you that it passed the first flight test. Sweeping the uninvited creepy guests out of our hangar has been an annoying chore this last few weeks but a bit cooler breeze coming through the hangar is a welcome sign of the Fall.

It is great to see that Jimmy Cox and Fidot Fomichev are doing well with Rockdale building project with the youth and Young Eagles Rallies. Dan Weyant is working on the suggestion for the Georgetown East View High School students to be involved in the Eagle’s Nest RV-12 project. One of the main EAA objectives is to educate the community about general aviation and these projects with the youth will give the younger generation hands-on experience and understanding of the real world of aviation as a whole. These activities give the Chapter members the opportunities to pass on the knowledge and technical skills to others, give those who have not yet started their own building projects the opportunities to learn the skills handson along with the youth, and give the Chapter organization extra boost of energy for activation! Please volunteer and be a part of the activities. This will connect to owning our own Chapter hangar at an airport. We will need many willing members for financial support, donations or loans, and fundraising that occur on a regular basis like pancake breakfast or other in order to manage the monthly cost of hangar lease and utility. Volunteer and participation is the bottom line necessity if we are to have our Chapter hangar.

We would like to know how many people and who are in the process of building planes in the Chapter 187, all stages from just receiving the first kit to not yet completed 20 year project. Would you please send me a photo or two of your current stage? It would also be nice to put some of them in the website and also the completed projects for the people who visits the Chapter 187 website to see our activities. Some people visit the site looking for the same plane they are building and want to have their questions answered. As we are approaching the end of the year, please report to us of your first flight this year. You will receive a plaque at the January banquet.

This year, the four Chapter Presidency positions and one Chapter Board position is open for you to fill. Please attend the Chapter 187 annual business meeting on November 12 to show your support to the organization. Please send us the nominations and intentions to run. Those who were asked to be on the nominating committee, we would appreciate for your timely response hopefully big "yes".

Enjoy your cross country flight! It is very nice up there!

Haruko Reese
EAA Chapter 187 President (only three more months)