Hello Chapter Members and Friends,

Twenty seven days of continuous rain refilled all the lakes around Austin and that is a wonderful sight to behold. On the other hand, it is devastating to see the destruction and loss of lives because of the weather. If you still have things to clean up in your hangars and homes, please let us know to organize help.

Rob and I are painting our RV-12 for a few months... that we thought, but it has been six months. It’s coming along but a lot of tedious work to pop air pockets and refill in the countless tiny rivet holes is an endless work. Is building a plane taking much more time than you planned at the start of the project? That’s a reality check, isn’t it? If you look at from the different prospective, you will realize and appreciate the longer time to enjoy your projects. (Smile) It is always rewarding to see the final product, even just the parts because you spend so much time and effort. It is your baby! Meanwhile I might need to find another plane to fly so that I don’t forget the nice flow of things like radio communications, and taking off and landing procedures including GUMP, etc. That, too has to be more than just dreaming flying... there are many more details to pay attention to. The details that demand our time are the essence of joy of accomplishing! Twenty seven days continuous rain can cover the Sometimes Island (Peninsula for the last four years). Hang in there folks, and enjoy the opportunity of learning!

Upcoming June Meeting will feature a newly published book, "World War II Memoirs - Captain and Navigator", written by Robert T Rutledge. It is a fascinating story about a young man from Tennessee growing up from a teenager to a veteran in the Army Air Corps. The book review describes, "Rutledge’s humorous anecdotes, contrasting with his near-death ditching of his B-24 in the Mediterranean hold the reader’s attention..." Jim Howard who is presenting this book is the Rutledge’s niece’s husband who finished up this book to publish. Jim himself was a Navigator and Electronic Warfare Officer in the US Air Force and currently a general aviation pilot. Jim will be accompanied by his father-in-law, Jim Rutledge (Robert’s brother), a B-29 bombardier who flew in the Pacific theater, and also by Jim Howard’s father who will share an interesting encounter with the Rutledge’s.

It will be a great evening to hear from these veterans about their fascinating stories. Please come and join us! Don’t miss this rare opportunity! Please go to eaa187.org and find more information about the meeting and pre-meeting dinner.

It is the second Thursday, June 11 at 6:45 at the Wells Branch Community Library at 15001 Wells Port Dr., Austin TX 78728. For anyone interested and hungry, we will meet at 5:30 at Inka Chicken, 1707 Wells Branch Parkway (just east of the Wells Port Drive turnoff, on the south side of Wells Branch Parkway). Try their Peruvian roast chicken, fried plantains, and yuca fries!

Have a great month!
Fly, don’t drown.
Haruko Reese
EAA Chapter 187 President