EAA Chapter 187, Dec 2022 

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Young Eagles Rally 2023-12-02


The Peacock family's two boys flew with Shane Torgerson in his Beechcraft Bonanza. 


 Rich flew with Johnny Sublett in his Bellanca Citabria. 

Sophia flew with Patrick O'Malley in a Piper Tomahawk.

We flew 10 young folks on Dec 2, 2023 at Georgetown Airport, and one on Nov 22! See the link to 40 photos below: 

 Link to Dropbox photos.


Minutes EAA 187 2023-11-11

by Bill Elliott, Secretary


Officers for 2024, below, left to right: David Hayek (board), Scott Fish (continues 2 years as Treasurer), Ken Matthews (new Vice President), Bill Elliott (Sec. continues for one more year), and Justin Jones (new President). See photo of Tom Paxson, the new Membership Coordinator and board member, at the bottom.  


2024 officers

The EAA 187 cadre for 2024, besides the officers named above, left to right: Gary Hamilton (board and tool chest), William Bennett in back (technical counselor), and Deene Ogden, far right (flight adviser & technical counselor). 

2024 cadre

We got word that the GTU terminal was to be closed on Nov 11 for Veterans Day. David Hayek contacted Debbie Jolly at the airport and reminded her of our monthly meeting. So they made arrangements for the terminal building to be open for our chapter meeting, Nov 11 from 10 am to 12 noon. Thanks for doing that David and Debbie.

Pres Ken Matthews presided, starting at 10:04 am. We had 22 people in attendance.

Welcome to new member, Michael Jones!

Young Eagles did not fly on Nov 4 because of a low ceiling and IFR. The next rally will be held on Dec 2.

Annual Banquet and Awards Ceremony, will be on our meeting date of Sat, Jan 13. We will not have the morning meeting, only the evening banquet.

Bill Elliott spoke to the manager at Pok-E-Jo's Smokehouse. She has booked us for Jan 13, 2024, at 6:00 to 8:30 pm! That is at 610 N. Austin Ave., Georgetown, next to House of Gains Gym. Coming N, take the exit to Williams Dr. from I35 just past Hwy 29 (University Ave.), continue nearly to Williams Dr., and turn right into the parking lot just past the KFC, before you get to McDonald's.  

Pok-E-Jo's remodeled a few months ago, and they now have a nice serving line like their other stores. They expanded their menu with more veggie side dishes! The plan this year is to go through their regular food line and pay individually. The chapter will not collect your money, but we'll give the manager an approximate headcount. 

You can tailor your food this way. Bring cash to get the 3% discount!! There is a tip jar at the cash register. Get your tray from them, pay, then go to the drink area and condiment bar with pickles, white and red onions, jalapeños, etc. They have sodas, sweet tea, and unsweet tea. Go to the banquet room, which is reserved for us, and have fun! 

Let Bill Elliott know if you plan to come, and how many are in your party: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EAA Chapter Video: Charlie Becker. Any YE credits from 2022 will expire soon. Webinar in Nov on YE best practices. Volunteer pins and certificates mentioned. Ray Scholarships: >400 ended up with PPLs. Nov 1-Jan 31 period to apply for next year’s Ray Scholarships. The Ray Foundation put out a $600,000 match to complete the new wing on the EAA museum (Dick Gossen visited it). There are other scholarships too. Nov chapter renewal must include 4 regular officers.

The Liberty Ford Tri-motor (Port Clinton, which came here) is ending its career with the EAA and going back home (this is why we got no reply to our inquiries about getting it to come here again). Tom Paxson said there is a Ford Tri-motor in Lufkin, owned by an EAA chapter.

Officer Reports for 2023:

Vice Pres Justin Jones. 2023 programs.

Jan 14, the annual banquet at Pok-E-Jo’s.

Feb 18, KGTU manager Matthew Summerfield.

 March 11, Will Cutter.

 April 8, John Mahany give a remote presentation on "Loss of Control in Flight".

June 3, Dick Gossen, “How To Destroy A Perfectly Good Solenoid”.

July 8, Dick Gossen, “Don’t Pull That Cylinder!”

Aug 12, Richard Brown on aircraft detailing.

Sep 9, Dr. Cole Weatherby on AME Answers.

Oct 21, Harrison Baumann, Kitfox Model 7. Gary Hamilton on Baby Ace, Michael Garel on AirVenture 2023.

Nov 11, elections. Bill Fluhr motor mount.

Dec 9, Adventure Pilot company on iFly EFB, a GPS pilot app for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows.

Treasurer Scott Fish. EAA187 Treasurer’s Perspective [details are available to paid members only]

The Chapter is in great shape financially, we are active financially. YE. Live Banquet.

Live Meetings. Next Summer Sponsorship of YE Campers.

Active Executive Committee and Volunteers Make it Happen.


President Ken Matthews.

Our Strengths— Chapter meetings, presentations, builders.

YE Program— Michael Garel. Working well with 4 spring and 3 fall rallies.

Secretary— Bill Elliott, minutes, videos, website, email system is reliable.

Board— Strong and active.

Need to work on— adult Eagle flights, pancake breakfasts (we have the equipment), a bigger meeting place. Bill said there is a new GISD technical center being built on Airport Road ½ mi. N of airport. We might meet there and open meetings to students.


 We elected Chapter officers for two-year terms starting in 2024 (see photos): David Hayek (board), Scott Fish (Treasurer), Ken Matthews (new Vice President), Bill Elliott (Sec. for one more year), and Justin Jones (new President). Elected but not pictured: Tom Paxson, the new Membership Coordinator and board member. Congratulations to all!

Bill Fluhr from Florida and Cedar Park, TX, gave a show-and-tell presentation about the new motor mount for his fuel-inject VW engine, to go in his project, a Volksplane. He and his son built it. He is building the plane at Breakaway Airport, Cedar Park. He recently got a new throttle quadrant. Photo below.

Deene Ogden saw Bill’s Tony Bingelis book, and mentioned how helpful the 4 Bingelis books still are for builders. Bill Elliott said we are the Tony Bingelis chapter, but we have none of his books in our library. Brad Bellamy said he can donate 2 Bingelis books, and Bill Fluhr can donate his Bingelis books when he is done with his project!

We adjourned at 11:16 am. See you at the Nov 4 and Dec 2 YE rallies.  Don’t forget to come to the banquet at Pok-E-Jo's Smokehouse, Jan 13, 2024, 6:00 to 8:30 pm! 


Tom Paxson 

Tom Paxson, new Membership Coordinator 


Our new Young Eagle Scholars will go to Oshkosh, June/July 2024!

Owen Pike and family.

 Owen Pike and family.

David Meiners and family

 David Meiners and family.


Minutes EAA 187 2023-10-21

by Bill Elliott, Secretary


Vice Pres Justin Jones presided, starting at 10 am. We had 30 people in attendance, including 11 visitors.


We have embarked on a new educational initiative. With the board’s approval the Sec emailed an application form to 40 Young Eagle families who flew with us in 2023 at Georgetown or Rockdale, to apply for a YE scholarship for their youngsters in 2024. They will attend Young Eagles Camp or Basic Air Academy at EAA in Oshkosh. The deadline was Oct 10. Our Selection Committee (Bill Elliott, Ken Matthews, and Michael Garel) received three applications with essays, and selected two to receive scholarships of $1500 each.


We had three presentations by Harrison Baumann (Kitfox Model 7), Gary Hamilton (Baby Ace project), and Michael Garel (Airventure 2023). Bill Elliott shot videos. We watched the October EAA chapter video by Charlie Becker. The proposed MOSAIC rule was published by FAA in the Federal Register. This rule would open up sport pilot and light sport rules to many popular, faster planes (4 seaters) with a higher stall speed, but a sport pilot would still be limited to one passenger. See https://www.eaa.org/eaa/news-and-publications/eaa-news-and-aviation-news/news/mosic-takes-significant-step-forward


Chapter offices coming up for election on Nov 11 are President, Vice President, Treasurer, and the new Membership Coordinator, who is also a board member. Nominations should be sent to Sec Bill Elliott and Pres Ken Matthews before Nov 11.


We adjourned at 11:25 am.  


See you at the Nov 4 and Dec 2 YE rallies. Don’t miss the next meeting, Nov 11! 

Aviation Club Awards Two Young Eagle Scholarships 

The following article was sent to area newspapers:

Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) Chapter 187 of the greater Austin area met at Georgetown Executive Airport on October 21, 2023, to award scholarships to two young people. They will attend a week-long Young Eagles’ Camp or the Basic Air Academy in June/July 2024, at Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The EAA is based at Whitman Regional Airport in Oshkosh, where the AirVenture airshow and fly-in is held every summer. Chapters are found across many countries.

Owen Pike (13, Georgetown) and David Meiners (12, Austin) are Young Eagles who flew with an experienced pilot at one of the Saturday rallies at Georgetown. These introductory flights are aimed at educating youth in aviation, with possible further involvement in an aviation-related career. The YE flights are free and open to girls and boys of all backgrounds. The youngsters and their families applied for the scholarships, each writing an essay.

David wrote, “The feeling I got as we took off and soared into the clear, blue sky is truly incomparable.

I experienced the incredible thrill of flight through the fantastic Young Eagles program. Ever since, I have aspired to become a pilot and have been regularly attending EAA events. I received Microsoft Flight Simulator, a yoke, and rudder pedals for Christmas and my birthday…”  

Owen wrote, “I have been strongly  interested in aeronautics for a long time. The Sporty’s ground school has been very informative and has really advanced my level  of knowledge to prepare me to pursue a career in aeronautics and aviation. My career aspirations are to become an aeronautical engineer or pilot…”  

EAA Chapter 187 meets at 10 am on the first Saturday of each month at Georgetown Executive Airport’s terminal meeting room. Visitors are welcome, and we have many speakers and educational videos. See our web page at https://www.eaa187.org or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 To register for the next two YE rallies (November 4 and December 2) for youth ages 8–17, visit this EAA page: https://www.eaa.org/eaa/youth/free-ye-flights Each event is limited to 10 youngsters.

William R. (Bill) Elliott, EAA 187 Secretary

October 23, 2023

 Dr. Cole Weatherby


EAA 187 Meeting, Sept 9, 2023 

by Justin Jones (Bill Elliott was absent with Covid)

We had 26 people in attendance. New people: Jimmy Pike (dad) and Owen Pike (son). Owen has taken the Sportys ground school and wants to start flying lessons.

Dr. Cole Weatherby, AME (Aeromedical Examiner) from Austin, gave a one hour presentation, AME.Answers, which he recorded to make a video for our chapter. It was a discussion of medical conditions, medications, and situations that might prevent a pilot from using or getting a medical certificate. There were many good questions, and Bill Elliott helped him edit the video.

We watched the September EAA chapter video.

We discussed the upcoming Young Eagle rallies starting in October, but need to contact the coordinator to get details. Ken and the board later confirmed that we will hold rallies on the first Saturday in October, November, and December. The location probably will be Georgetown (GTU), but that could change.

Ken talked about the chapter officers coming up for election in November (President, Vice President, Treasurer and Open Board Member). Nominations are due at the meeting on October 21.

Note added by Secretary: The board later voted to postpone the next meeting to Sat. Oct. 21 because there will be a nice annular solar eclipse on our scheduled meeting date, Oct. 14, about 10:23 am-1:32 pm. So, get outside and see it with eye protection! See you at the Oct. 7 YE rally and Oct. 21!  


EAA 187 Meeting, Aug 12, 2023 

We met from 10:00 to 11:00 on Saturday morning, August 12, 2023, at Georgetown Airport’s terminal. Pres. Ken L. Matthews presided. Twenty-six people attended, including 3 visitors.

VP Justin could not attend. Scott brought doughnuts. Brian was applauded as our new, additional Tech Counselor. Darrell talked about Tango Flight, which has built 4 or 5 airplanes over the years. Ed is selling some helicopter and other aviation parts in hangar TT18 at GTU.

Ken and Bill gave some highlights from the July 18 Google Meet board meeting. Ken showed photos of his trip to Airventure in Oshkosh, July 24-30. Several members met up with Ken during the airshow. Michael will share his video of landing at Oshkosh later.

Sec. Bill Elliott took minutes and recorded the speaker, Richard L. Brown, who owns Austin Aircraft Detailing. He travels in the Central Texas area to clean and detail aircraft inside and out. Most jobs are above $300. He discussed the products he uses and his methods, which involve a lot of elbow grease. He advises pilots of maintenance issues he finds on each plane (he is a pilot too). His 18-min. video has been posted on our website. Call him.

 William R. Elliott, EAA 187 Secretary, 8/18/2023 

EAA 187 Meeting, July 8, 2023

We met from 10:00 to 11:30 on Saturday morning, July 8, 2023, at Georgetown Airport’s terminal. Pres. Ken L. Matthews presided. Twenty-nine people attended, including 3 visitors! At least 8 of the folks are planning on going to Oshkosh/AirVenture July 24-30, and another EAA member from Georgetown is going. [Full minutes are posted in the Members Area.] 

VP Justin Jones provided food and drinks again. Sec. Bill Elliott took minutes and recorded the speaker (see photo above).  Member Dick Gossen, spoke about “Don’t Pull That Cylinder”. Dick’s 47-min. video has been posted on our website. Good job!

Other News 

Our President, Ken L. Matthews, became an EAA Lifetime Member on May 8. Congratulations Ken!!

 We received a notice about a medical study that will be done at Airventure. The study involves volunteer pilots taking computerized cognitive tests for four hours. The pay is $300 to $500 depending on the level of medical certification. Payment comes upon completion of the tests. Pilots’ names will not be given to FAA; the study is conducted by a third-party contractor for FAA.

The FAA is looking for 960 participants, and the information gathered during the study will be used to establish a normative dataset representing what is usual or expected in a representative sample of pilots. The outcome of this research will help ensure that FAA processes for aeromedical decision-making are consistent with best clinical practices for aerospace medicine and current scientific knowledge.  

William R. Elliott, EAA 187 Secretary, 7/9/2023 

Recent Experimental Aircraft Video at Georgetown


Akaso EK7000 mounted on lift strut 

Bill Elliott and Johnny Sublett have been doing more tests with Bill's small action cams mounted on Johnny's Bellanca Citabria 150S. Johnny flies Young Eagles in this plane, an excellent sightseeing plane with two tandem seats. On July 3, 2023, we rigged the plane with 2 cameras inside and 1 on the right lift strut. Plus Bill had another small camera on a stick roving inside the cockpit. Audio was recorded from the intercom into a small Sony recorder. The camera mounts were all very stable. Bill edited all this into a 13-min. mp4 video that you can see on Bill's Dropbox at this link: 

Flight Over Lake Georgetown 

Dick Gossen Dick Gossen likes aviation solenoids!

EAA 187 Meeting, June 10, 2023

Twenty-nine folks met from 10:00 to 11:30 on Saturday morning, June 10, 2023, at Georgetown Airport.

Pres. Ken Matthews presided. VP Justin Jones provided food and drinks as always. Sec. Bill Elliott took minutes and recorded the meeting on two video cameras (see photo above).  We had two members speak at our meeting. Scott Fish spoke about “Experimental Flight Testing” (50 mins.) that he has been doing on his Cozy MKIV plane. There were lots of questions and discussions. Dick Gossen, spoke about “How to destroy a perfectly good solenoid” (28 mins.). Automotive starter solenoids are not built for the prolonged and heavy cranking that an aircraft engine often needs, and will fail in a fairly brief time. Dick also is a UL Power engine dealer, popular on experimental planes. Dick's and Scott’s talks are posted on the members-only area of our website.

Young Eagle Rally, June 3, 2023

Georgetown, Texas Airport

Our 6 pilots flew 9 Young Eagles!

 Audry Patterson with Tom Paxson

 Caleb Patterson with Patrick O’Malley

 Cody Patterson with Haruko Reese

 Frankie Lovell with Patrick O’Malley

 Jared Chen with Tom Paxson

 Luke Halko with Haruko Reese

 Sophia Foster with Justin Blackburn

 Victoria Foster with David Hayek

 William Lovell with David Hayek  

Updated 6-14-23: See Justin Jones' and David Hayek's photos!

Meeting on May 13, 2023 

Thirteen members met from 10:00 to 11:20 on a rainy Saturday morning at Georgetown Airport. Ken Matthews presided. Our planned speaker could not attend, so our members provided the entertainment. We had food as usual. Sec. Bill Elliott recorded the meeting on two video cameras as an experiment. Gary Hamilton led the Young Eagle pilots on May 6; we flew 10 kids. The radar was out because of a lightning strike the night before, so the tower spaced the planes out. Gary got to visit the tower and discuss the control plan that the controllers used during the radar outage. Bill Bennett talked about an issue that has appeared with cracks around rivets in the horizontal stabilizer in some RV planes, most models except the RV-12. Robert Reese reported on progress with building the plane at Tango Flight, in cooperation with Georgetown ISD. Bill Elliott talked about how to attach small action cameras (GoPro and Akaso) on airplanes. He previewed a video of Johnny Sublett flying a Young Eagle on May 6. We also watched the EAA monthly chapter video. 

If you are a paid, registered member, you can see the full minutes with a photo and link to a YE video in the Members Area. 

Johnny Sublett & Herbie Love

Young Eagle Herbie Love & pilot Johnny Sublett look to the skies!

Young Eagles Rally at GTU, May 6, 2023! 

Our latest Young Eagles event was Saturday morning, May 6, 2023, at GTU. Our 4 pilots flew 10 kids, although the cloud deck was a bit low. Most were boy scouts, and troop leader/Mom Deanna Johnson provided us with many great photos. We ran from about 9:15 to 10:45 am.

Thanks to our volunteer pilots: Johnny Sublett [video], Gary Hamilton, Haruko Reese, Shane Torgerson.

See the link below to photos and video of Johnny Sublett flying Young Eagle Herbie Love!


Meeting on April 8, 2023 

We will hold an in-person EAA Chapter 187 Meeting on Saturday, April 8th, 2023 at 10:00 am at the Georgetown Municipal Airport at 500 Terminal Dr, Georgetown, TX 78628.

We are grateful to have John Mahany give a presentation on "Loss of Control in Flight". John has 45 years experience as a pilot, 43 years as CFI. He's a 7-time Master CFI. Many different makes and models of aircraft flown. Founding member, SAFE (Society of Aviation and Flight Educators), partner of a 1953 CE 180 and owner of a 1970 Cessna 150, both based at KLGB. Experience with FAR 135 & 121 operations as pilot and dispatcher. Involved with FAASTeam as Lead Representative, Long Beach FSDO.

His presentation is on the NTSB's Most Wanted List for 2016, and "Loss of Control In Flight" is #1 on the list. He will be providing his presentation remotely.   You can learn more about John and his flying credentials at JohnMahanyCFI.com.

Another Young Eagles Event at GTU, April 1, 2023! 

We had a great Young Eagles event Saturday morning, April 1, 2023, at GTU. Our 4 pilots flew 13 kids, and the weather was perfect. There was a lot of aviation activity at the airport, and the tower asked our pilots to wait for awhile about 10 am. We ran from about 8:30 to 12:15 pm. 
Thanks to our pilots:
Herman Dierks, Mooney 63-M20C
Gary Hamilton, RV-7A
David Hyek, Cessna 172M
Johnny Sublett, Bellanca Citabria
Michael Garel, YE Coordinator, and Justin Jones, Vice Pres. for ground support.  
Here is Herman Dierks and the Ramirez/Gendron family in front of his Mooney. Herman, David, and I took 26 photos of all the families and pilots. You can see them posted on Dropbox at:

YE photos 2023-04-01

When you get there, click on the first photo and you will get a slideshow app with left and right arrows to go through the slides. Enjoy!
Bill Elliott, EAA 187 Sec.

 A Photo Collage of 2022-2023 Events

Here's a big collage of EAA and Devil Dog events, contributed by David Hayek. Click on the thumbnail below to see the big picture. 3/22/23 

Meeting on March 11, 2023 

The minutes have been sent out (see Members Area if you are a paid member). We had Will Cutter from Cutter Aviation to speak about their FBO operations at KGTU, the services they provide, and his experiences running the company. We met at Georgetown Airport terminal building, 10-noon. 

If you have not paid your dues for 2023, now is the time to do it, as the new roster will be out soon.


Young Eagles Event at GTU, March 4, 2023! 

We had a nice Young Eagles event Saturday morning, March 4, 2023, at GTU. Our 3 pilots flew 11 kids, and the weather was perfect. We ran about 8:30 to 10:30 am. 
Thanks to our pilots:
Michael Garel, YE Coordinator, Cessna 310
Gary Hamilton, RV-7A
Herman Dierks, Beechcraft Debonair B33
I took 24 photos of all the families and pilots. You can see them posted on Dropbox at this link:
David Hayek also flew a Young Eagle, age 11, on March 8!
Bill Elliott, EAA 187 Sec.

Young Eagle Events March 4, April 1, May 6, and June 3

We are hosting a series of four small YE events this spring, on the first Saturday of the month: March 4, April 1, May 6, and June 3. To pre-register your youngster, ages 8-17, contact our YE Coordinator, Michael Garel, at 512-289-4031, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will fly only 10 kids each day. Let us know!  


Our Chapter's History 

EAA is a growing and diverse international organization with a wide range of aviation interests. Originally founded in 1953 by a group of people involved in building their own airplanes, through the years it has transformed into a wide group interested in everything aviation.

EAA Chapter 187 is a tight group of folks located in the Greater Austin Metro Area interested in building custom aircraft, flying, aviation, and beyond. We come from a great range of backgrounds, but share a common passion for the skies. We have regular scheduled meetings and events. We engage other events in the area, helping represent EAA and Experimental Aviation. We hold regular Young Eagles rallies, allowing kids age 8-17 to experience their first flights in a small airplane.

Want to find out more? Come join us at one of our regular meetings and introduce yourself. You will find that our members are open, friendly, and have a great deal of interesting things to talk about. Interested in building your airplane? You're in the right spot! We have builders assistance, tools loan programs, first flight assistance and counseling, and much more. 

Program for Feb 18, 2023 Meeting

Our meeting room at Georgetown Airport accidentally got scheduled by the airport to someone else on Feb 11. So, we postponed the meeting to Feb 18 at the usual place, 10 am. We will have a speaker, monthly EAA video, news, and reports from members. The library books and videos will be there too.

VP Justin Jones arranged for the KGTU airport manager, Matthew Sommerfeld to speak at our 2/18 meeting about the Georgetown airport and topics related to airport management, including requirements that may be unknown to pilots. He was asked to update us on the airport master plan, airport facilities and aircraft hangers. Justin will be out of town that day. Please come!  

New Members & Their Projects 

These projects are featured in the Aircraft/Member Aircraft/Current Projects folder.  3/8/23

Jan 14 banquet was a success

Our banquet at Pok-E-Joe's on Jan 14 was lots of fun, with 38 attending for a buffet meal of brisket, sausage, chicken, green salad, potato salad, pinto beans, and peach cobbler. Deene Ogden presented a slide show about Seth Hancock and Tony Bingelis. Chapter awards were given, and we'll try to post a list of them soon. Later, Bill Elliott uploaded 21 banquet photos to his private Dropbox for the chapter to see. Let Bill know if you still need access to those, please (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  See photos below.  

 Ken Matthews, President, officiated the awards with VP Justin Jones.

 Deene Ogden spoke about Tony Bingelis and Seth Hancock. 


December 10th Chapter Meeting, No Young Eagles Rally 

We met on Saturday, December 10th, 2022 at 10:00 am at the Georgetown Municipal Airport at 500 Terminal Dr, Georgetown, TX 78628.

Because of poor weather (low overcast and rain), our YE Coordinator, Michael Garel, called off our Young Eagles Rally. We will reschedule for another event in the spring. Thanks for watching the weather forecast and coordinating, Michael!

We had some interesting reports from members and visitors. William Bennett demonstrated how our chapter's prop balancer works (it is available to paid members). Mark Petrosky is in a Piper Sport flying club out of Spicewood, and they are looking for more owner-members. It is a 2010 model with autopilot, a very nice light sport aircraft. Also, a Rans S-19 (EAB) is for sale in Conroe, TX for a good price. Contact Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Visitor Frank Carleton took a basic sheet metal course at the McGregor AP, which was very good. Bob Elliott related an incident in June in which a Mooney 201 had to be set down in a field near Kyle. An IFR student was flying under the hood (eyes covered) while the instructor directed. The engine quit and the instructor took command. The plane had some damage but the two men were not hurt. A truck and crane took the plane back to San Marcos Airport, where it was repaired for a breathtaking sum, but insurance paid for it. 

There will be no meeting on Sat., Jan. 14, 2023, but don't forget our Chapter Banquet that evening, 6-8 pm, at Pok-E-Joe's BBQ in Georgetown! Bring a spouse, partner, or friend.  


Young Eagles Rallies in 2022

In 2022 we held Young Eagles rallies on May 14 and October 22, and we flew a lot of young people for free. Next time we will try and use the meeting room in the terminal building for registration. While you and your kids wait, we will show some entertaining, educational videos about Young Eagles and the basics of flight physics. Watch this space for a new YE event in the spring!

Tango Flight

TangoFlight is a STEM (Science,Technology, Engineering, and Math) program for students at both Georgetown and East View high schools.

The centerpiece of this program has students build a Van's Aircraft RV-12 two-seat Light Sport Aircraft.

EAA Chapter 187 is co-sponsoring this project, providing experienced aircraft builders as mentors for the students. The aircraft is being built on the East View High School campus, with final assembly and operation at Georgetown Municipal Airport.

Funding for the project is primarily from charitable donations.

Visit Tango Flight on the web at tangoflight.org, and follow their Facebook page.

Rockdale Tiger Flight: help us build a Zenith CH-601

Rockdale Tiger Flight is a group organized by several EAA 187 members in Rockdale, TX.

The group is focused on teaching mid- and high-schoolers airplane building skills. We're done with the tail of RV-6, and have switched over to putting together our full kit for Zenith CH-601. We get together every Saturday at 10 AM, and focus on building those airplanes. We also offer weekly Young Eagles rides to kids, subject to weather and aircraft availability.

This weekly event is free to participants, and we are looking for help! Both kids and adults are welcome!

For more information, log on to rockdaletigerflight.org, or check out our Facebook page. If you have questions, contact us.

Mailing List

To subscribe to our mailing list, please send a request to Sec. Bill Elliott at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You must be a paid member or a recent visitor to the meetings. 

Member Roster

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