Hangars at newly constructed Stiletto Airpark will be available at $300/month. Read the article below, and contact J. Reid Howell for more details.


Welcome to Stiletto Airpark!

We are doing everything we can think of to develop Stiletto Airpark into a recreational airport with an attractive park like atmosphere. If you have any suggestions we would love to hear them!

Below is some general information regarding Stiletto Airpark and the surrounding area, and a few operating standards that we ask our patrons to follow as a courtesy to our neighbors and other users of the facilities. We think this is going to be a great place to fly and hang out and hope you will enjoy Stiletto Airpark!

General Information

Stiletto Airpark is located approximately 45 minutes north of Austin, TX. on East FM 243, approximately 4 miles west of Hwy 183, and is being developed as the home to Stiletto Aircraft, LLC., manufacturer of the new “Stiletto” ready to fly Special Light Sport Aircraft. The Stiletto features folding wings and therefore may be stored in conventional buildings. The Stiletto manufacturing and aircraft storage facilities will occupy the southwest quadrant of the airpark. Completion of the first 13000sqft factory building is expected by the end of January 2014.

Stiletto Airpark received FAA VFR airspace approval this past spring and began construction on a modest schedule this past summer. Once fully developed, Stiletto Airpark will include a Sport Pilot flight training center and a Bed & Breakfast facility to house students and other fly in customers. RV parking and tent camping areas are also being designated.

A T-Hangar facility is being constructed for the storage of non-folding wing aircraft along the northeast property line. If you are in need of hangar space please contact us as indicated below for information. Only ten T-hangar units will be available for lease initially so be sure to claim your spot ASAP! Hangars should be ready for occupancy by March 1st 2014 – in the meantime we may be able to temporarily house potential hangar tenants in the factory building a little sooner (factory features a 45’ Bi-fold hangar door). We are also considering lot leases for the construction of private box hangars but space for this is very limited.

Two entrances along the south property line provide roadway access to Stiletto Airpark from FM 243. The east driveway (entrance to be relocated) is intended to provide access to the east side of the field, including the T-Hangar facility, Flight School, and the B&B. The west driveway is primarily dedicated to the Stiletto manufacturing facilities. Though an airport service path connects both driveways along the south property line, we ask that you refrain from using the service path for any reason so as to avoid crossing under aircraft that may be landing on RWY 01. Instead, please use the east driveway to access facilities on the east side of the field and use the west driveway only when visiting the Stiletto factory. Both entrances will be security gated in the future with passcodes to the east gate provided to hangar tenants for after-hours access

Stiletto Airpark is a non-paved facility - Please DO NOT drive off designated roadways and parking areas with your car or truck - All other areas of the field are designated for use by airport service vehicles and aircraft only.

All visitors are welcome!

If arriving by ground we ask that new visitors check in with the flight office, either in advance by phone or in person during normal business hours (for now, use the contact info below).

As a "Private" airport facility, permission is required prior to conducting flight operations at Stiletto Airpark. We ask that all fly-in visitors contact the flight office by phone or by radio (once established) for airport safety information prior to landing. Please do not land without first contacting us for specific airport status information as we are still under construction. If you happen to be flying over and see me outside on a tractor or something just buzz me and I’ll either waive you in or off depending on conditions. Hangar tenants receive authorization to conduct flight operations upon ratification of their lease.

All users of Stiletto Airpark may use the Flight School lobby facilities (once constructed) for flight planning and restroom access. Farm house restrooms are available in the meantime.

Notice to Pilots of the Surrounding Area

Stiletto Airpark is located in non-controlled airspace at LATITUDE 30°49’27.95"N LONGITUDE -97°57’30.88"W.

Our lighted windsock will be erected midfield by the end of January.

The FLF Glider-port is 2 miles NNE. Their RWY is parallel to ours with their traffic pattern to the east of their field - does not conflict with Stiletto Airpark - expect glider tow operations to the east of us, mainly on weekends.

The Flying K airport is about 1 mile NNE. Their RWY is also parallel to our RWY 16 with unknown level of activity (may be one or two planes based there)

Pilot Knob Vineyard is about 1 mile to the NNE, just west of the Flying K runway and about ½ mile east of the approach to RWY 16.

There is a 2000’ radio tower approximately 6 miles to the south.

Our neighbor to the east operates a day camp dirt track motorcycle facility for youngsters during the summer. Tracks are a good landmark. There is no on-sight residence.

There is a new red barn just outside our west fence line.

There is currently an old farm house on the Stiletto Airpark grounds directly on the south end of RWY 16 that will ultimately be removed.

We ask all pilots to be courteous to our neighbors. Specifically, when departing RWY 16 we ask that you establish a departure heading more to the SE of the runway heading as soon as practical in order to distance yourself as much as possible from a home located just across the street to the SW of the extended runway centerline, and please pass their home well before turning crosswind. They have offered the use of a clear field (may be plowed occasionally) just off the end of both RWY’s to the south should a forced landing be necessary (I do a lot of flight testing?). The traffic pattern and runway headings should not require that an aircraft ever be pointed directly at their home. There are no other significant runway obstructions and nothing else mentioned above should be a factor. Thanks guys!

Runway Information

Two sod runways will provide nearly 100% prevailing wind coverage.

RWY 16/34 is 100’ wide by 3000’ long - currently under construction.

RWY 19/01 is 40’ wide by 1600’ long and is currently usable (compacted dirt surface at present).

All downwind traffic is west of the field. Use Right Hand traffic pattern for RWY 16 and RWY 19.

I recommend ½ mile final to RWY 19 to avoid The Flying K airstrip and Pilot Knob Vineyard.

Both runways are to be planted with Sahara Bermuda grass in the spring of 2014.

A parallel taxiway is being constructed to RWY 16/34.

Back Taxi RWY 19/01 (turnarounds at each end)

Aircraft parking and fueling will be established at the south end of field.

Being an unpaved facility, runways and taxiways may become impassable during and for some time after periods of precipitation. The field substrate is limestone with topsoil. Drainage has been addressed and runways are crowned and rolled. The field seems to dry out quickly. Please call to check field condition after periods of rain.

To preserve the best chance for grass please refrain from touch and go landings or operating in soft field conditions.

Contact Us!

For further information, please contact Reid.